BCAM Committees: 2015 - 2017

“Moving Michigan Bowling Forward” Committee Definitions and Committee Members Designation

Regional Director: Mike DuCharme | Director at Large: Diane Voight

Member Education and Benefits

Member Committee - Works with the Executive Director

To formulate communications related to member networking, educational seminars, group purchasing advantages through our partners at BPAA Smart-Buy and BPAA Foodservice and BCA of Michigan specifically targeted programs.

The committee objective: to increase membership savings advantages, educational advantages and strategic planning advantages for member centers, in addition to extending hospitality to members and vendors.

Member Education Chairman: Mike Jacobs
Committee: Bo Goergen, Executive Director, Ed Greenleaf III, Phil Huffman, Gary Richards, Al Winkel

Action Items: Seminar review and recommendations, Product Purchase Savings

Marketing Partnerships

Member Committee - Works with the President

To facilitate, review and plan with supporting organizations, businesses and high profile destinations with a common goal of exposing and driving traffic to member centers. To consult, research, and activate the delivery of programs that will stimulate traffic flow in more recreational and/or league guest paid traffic.

To review any applications by any statewide organization with BCA of Michigan members on future designated marketing "Grant" fund applications.

Marketing Chairman: Marc Wiese
Committee: Bo Goergen, Executive Director, Chris Mohrhardt, Dave Patz, Jim Selke

Action Item: Review Partnerships to grow paid participation in member centers, Tournament Creation and Execution, Club or League Concepts to assist members in creating more paid games.

Finance and Audit

Member Committee - Works with the Treasurer

To analyze, recommend and exercise fiscal responsibility to its membership including creating, managing, and reporting all matters related to Association finances. Review and oversee a balanced budget.

Finance and Audit Chairman: Mark Voight
Committee: Randy Crim, Gerald Imhoff, Henry Mistele, Gary Richards

Action Item: To ensure the balancing of the annual budget, and to make recommendations to the fiscal planning of the Association.


Member Committee - Works with the President

Nominating Chairman: Jack Gross
Committee: Rich Glomb, Dave Jackson, Bob Smoltz, Tom Winkel

To review the guidelines related to the By-Laws of the Bowling Centers Association of Michigan. To review, authenticate and recommend candidates for election.


Following BCA of Michigan Board guidelines, oversight of specific matters related to Association business as asked by the Cabinet of the BCA of Michigan.

This committee to be included, but not limited to, discussions, disputes, recommendations related to the business of the Association. See By-Laws, Page 7-8.

Executive Board Chairman: Mike DuCharme
Committee: Randy Crim, Phil Huffman, Gerald Imhoff, Mike Jacobs, Jim Kulha, Chris Mohrhardt, Mark Molinaro, Jim Selke, Tom Winkel

Action Item: To assemble an annual evaluation opinion to the Board on the matters related to the progress of the Association and means to better the operations.

By-Laws and Constitution

3 Member Committee - Works with the President

The committee shall review all By-Law and Constitutional concern issues or proposed changes by any member of the Bowling Centers Association of Michigan. The committee will work directly with the Board and will present (ALL) requests to the Board for consideration.

The committee will recommend a position on any changes. The Board will review and the General Membership will vote on the changes on an annual basis.

By-Law and Constitution Chairman: Jim Kulha
Committee: Bo Goergen, Executive Director, Tom Langan, Jim Selke, John Snyder


Member Committee - Works with the President

To communicate directly with the BCA of Michigan designated lobbyist including bi-monthly communication on items directly related to impact the membership. To work directly to prepare a response plan to any potential legislative position effecting member centers in a positive or negative manner.

Action Item: Research, report and compile a "help tool" for member centers related to the Michigan Business Tax, smoking issue and other legislative matters of importance to our members.

Legislative Chairman: Mark Molinaro
Committee: Randy Crim, Gordie Krum, Michael MacColeman, Henry Mistele, Gary Richards, Mark Voight


Member Committee - Works with the Vice-President

To distribute requests for applicants for Michigan Proprietor of the Year, Richard Maury Cornerstone Award, Presidents Awards and other awards deemed in the best interest of membership.

Awards Chairman: Henry Mistele
Committee: Bo Goergen, Executive Director, Gordon Krum, Paul Kwiecien, Robert Smoltz, John Snyder, Al Winkel

Youth and Tournament

To assist in creating programs and assist in establishing programs to enhance development, participation, education and marketing of bowling to youth. Engage in communications with organizations such as MSHAA, Michigan USBC Youth, AAU Bowling, and Michigan State High School Coaches Association.

Also to conducts the BCA of Michigan future tournaments.

Action Item: Review the BPAA In-School Bowling Programs, and institute a Coaching Education Seminar or Program

Youth Chairman: Ed Greenleaf III
Committee: Bo Goergen, Executive Director, Greg Gumtow, Paul Kwiecien, Rich Glomb

Tournament Chairman: Dave Jackson
Committee: Bo Goergen, Executive Director, Jim Kulha, Mike Jacobs, Pat Klein

Educational Convention and Trade Show

Member Committee - Works with the President and Vice President

To review, recommend and plan the annual education convention and trade show. This will include but not be limited to working with the facility, assigning Board Members to assist in the execution of the Convention and Trade Show, and work with potential speakers to benefit membership.

This committee will work with the Finance committee related to budget.

Educational Convention and Trade Show Chairman: Phil Huffman

Committee: Bo Goergen, Executive Director, Randy Crim, Maria Crim, Mike DuCharme, Jack Gross, Jerry Hudson, Jerry Imhoff, Mike Jacobs, Chris Mohrhardt, Matt Molinaro, Jim Selke, Ed Greenleaf III, Dave Jackson, Tom Winkel.

Michigan Bowling Council

This is a joint Council with the Men's, Women's, Youth and Senior Association. The President shall serve on this committee (or the Vice President in the absence of the President) if neither can attend; the President shall request an officer or Board Member to attend.

Committee: Randy Crim, Bo Goergen, Executive Director, Phil Huffman

28200 Southfield Rd
Lathrup Village, MI 48076


The Bowling Centers Association of Michigan (BCAM) is a statewide association that protects, promotes fosters and advances the interests of its members in their respective business of operating bowling centers.

The BCAM is affiliated with the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America located in Arlington, Texas.